Fixed grading plants

Fixed aggregate classifying installations. The grading plants may be used exclusively for this purpose or they can be combined with the aggregate crushing and/or wash stages, with productions that vary from 40 to 500 t/h.

Large-sized aggregates can be screened in the primary stage, and smaller-sized aggregates in the secondary-tertiary stage. Classification grizzlies are used in the first case, whilst for the second grading type, CT series vibrating screens are used with screening surfaces that vary between 1.4 and 16.1 m2. The screens of the CT series incorporate 1 to 4 sieves, depending on the number of aggregates required.

The final stockpiling of the classified aggregates can be carried out in piles on ground level, via belt conveyors, in concrete cells or in metal hoppers or silos, depending on the customer’s needs.

A wet classification can also be carried out in wash plants, by adding water showers in the CT screens.

The minerals are discharged via vibrating feeders, oscillating feeders, belt feeders or pre-screening feeders, depending on the size and nature of the aggregates to be treated.


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