The sand recovery equipment or hydrocyclones are used to wash and recover the sand dissolved in the water that comes from washing the aggregates. The sand, together with any undesired elements drawn with it, such as clay and silt, are in suspension in this water. With the cyclone system we manage to separate these sand particles, thanks to the fact that they are smaller in size than the size of the recoverable sand.

The cyclone sand recovery system, or hydrocyclone, is comprised of three basic parts: Water vat, centrifugal pump and cyclone. The pump absorbs the water together with the sand and the fines from the bottom of the vat and sends it to the cyclone, where the sand is separated due to the difference in mass between particles.

The cut-off point of the hydrocyclones can be varied by modifying certain factors, such as the diameter, the geometry of the cyclones, the cyclone intake pressure and the solids concentration in the feed.

The Alquezar hydrocyclones can incorporate a vibrating strainer with polyurethane mesh and supported on helical springs. With this stage, we eliminate any excess water contained in the recovered sand, to facilitate its drying.

The equipment vat incorporates an automatic level control device as well as a side inspection cover. It is coated on the inside with antiabrasive rubber.

The centrifugal pump of the Alquezar cyclone sand recovery equipment is coated entirely with antiabrasive rubber, like the cyclone, which is made of steel plate and coated on the inside with this type of rubber. The cyclone outlet nozzles are made of polyurethane, material that is highly resistant to abrasion.



Width (mm)

Length (mm)

Height (mm)

Strainer dimens (m)

Strainer surf. (m2)

Strainer power (kw)

Pump power (kw)

RAC-350/100 1.910 3.650 5.120 0,9 x 1,8 1,62 1,1 22
RAC-475/100 2.020 4.100 5.785 1,02 x 2,11 2,15 1,5 22
RAC-475/150 2.180 4.100 5.785 1,02 x 2,11 2,15 1,5 30
RAC-650/150 2.180 4.800 6.300 1,16 x 2,41 2,80 2,5 37
RAC-650/250 2.180 4.800 6.300 1,16 x 2,41 2,80 2,5 55
RAC-800/250 2.180 4.800 6.950 1,16 x 2,41 2,80 2,5 55
RAC-475×2/250 2.180 5.700 6.230 3,0 x 1,16 3,48 3,2 55
RAC-650×2/250 2.180 5.700 6.730 3,0 x 1,4 4,20 3,2 55
RAC-800×2/250    2.180 5.700 7.500 3,0 x 1,9 5,70 3,8 92



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