Fixed clarifiers

The Alquezar water clarifiers, to recover water from the aggregate washing processes, are designed to optimise and make maximum use of the resources used, satisfying our environment protection commitment.

The CA series clarifiers are comprised of two basic parts: Decantation pool and flocculant preparation unit.

The decantation pool has a dilution vat, where the flocculant product is mixed with the waste water that comes from the washing plant.

This mixture is poured onto the inside of the decantation pool, on whose interior, the floccules formed precipitate towards the bottom, whilst the clean water is discharged to another clean water pool or tank.

The sedimented particles will gradually form a sludge bed that is drawn to the bottom of the tank, thanks to the action of the incorporated rotating blades.

A load cell measures the effort made by the scraping blades, so that it detects when there is excess sludge on the bottom, activating the sludge pump that discharges it.

The decantation tank can be made of metal or of prefabricated concrete panels. In the metal option, it can be supported on a concrete slab or on metal legs.

The flocculant preparation unit has two stainless steels tanks, each one equipped with stirrers. Both tanks are used to prepare and store the polyelectrolyte, which is dispensed with a volumetric dispenser which permits the concentration of flocculant in each one of the tanks. The prepared flocculant is dispensed into the dilution vat of the clarifier by means of a Monokiber type pump, with frequency variator, which is governed by a decantation measuring device, so that the required amount of flocculant is always supplied depending on the amount and type of sludge that exists in the decanter.

The sludge discharge pump is equipped with antiabrasive rubber linings, designed to avoid suction cavitation.









CA-5 5.000 3.000 19,6 115 1,6 1,1
CA-6 6.000 3.000 28,3 160 1,6 1,1
CA-7 7.000 3.000 38,5 220 1,6 1,1 + 1.5
CA-8 8.000 3.000 50,3 290 1,6 2,2 + 1,5
CA-10 10.000 3.000 78,5 450 1,6 2,2 + 1,5
CA-12 12.000 4.000 113,1 650 1,6 2,2 + 1,5
CA-14 14.000 4.000 154,0 950 1,6 2,2 + 1,5
CA-15 15.000 4.000 177,0 1.200 1,6 2,2 + 1,5
CA-17 17.000 4.000 226,0 1.500 1,6 3 + 1,5



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