Mortar mixers

The Talleres Alquezar AMO mortar mixer is designed to achieve a homogeneous mix of the different materials in a short period of time. Its high reliability and low maintenance, the total product discharge guarantee, together with its high mixing efficiency, make this mixer the best choice.

The mixing shaft has meticulously designed mixing and scraping arms, which stir the material in rotation and in longitudinal direction, which, together with the additional side stirrer system, result in a mixture that has optimal homogeneous conditions regardless of the granulometry and characteristics of the materials.

The shaft bearings are mound on independent supports, which have no contact whatsoever with the mortar to be treated, thus guaranteeing their durability.

The materials are loaded through outlets placed at the top of the mixer, whilst the mixture is discharged by means of two longitudinal outlets placed along the mixer. A blowing system to fluidify the mortar, during the emptying process, has been installed to correctly discharge it from the mixer.


Model AMO-1800 AMO-2400 AMO-3400
Gross volume (l) 2.400 3.100 4.400
Working volume (l) 1.700 2.300 3.300
Maximum production (t/h) 75-100 100-140 150-200
Weight (kg) 4.300 6.700 7.500
Mixing speed (r.p.m.) 115 115 115
Mixing power (Kw) 30 55 75
Stirring speed (r.p.m.) 1.500 1.500 1.500
Stirring power (Kw) 3 x 4 4 x 4 4 x 4
Outlet cylinder pressure (kg/cm2) 80-130 80-130 80-130
Pneumatic installation flow (l/min) 16 16 25

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